Parts Programs

AeroVision provides a complete offering of aircraft parts & support, APUs and landing gear for ERJ 145, E-Jet 190, ATR 42 and EMB 120 Operators.

24/7/365 AOG Support Services

With a customer service & shipping staff available around the clock, we respond with the required sense of urgency. Please call 231-799-9000 for AOG issues.

Inventory Redistribution

As the largest independent ERJ parts supplier, we can take your surplus inventory (parts and aircraft) and market them to our over 150 customers worldwide.

24 Hours a day / 365 Days a Year

Your parts requirements don’t always happen between 9 AM and 5 PM, and they aren’t always required in the most convenient location to dispatch to. AeroVision understands that reality and our AOG Team is always available to assist you with your part requirement – no matter when and no matter where.

With the largest non-OEM inventory of ERJ parts in the world and our investment in material that is ready to install, you can count on AeroVision to provide you with an AOG parts solution. We can utilize your preferred expedited courier service, provide counter-to-counter delivery options, next-day air freight – whatever it takes to get the part you need to the location it is required at, quickly and efficiently.

If you don’t have an open account, you can set that up before you have a requirement using our credit application and we also accept all major credit cards if needed.