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Aircraft Parts & Support

AeroVision Aircraft Services provides a complete offering of parts, APUs and landing gear for ERJ 145, E-Jet 190, ATR 42 and EMB 120 operators. We have invested heavily in this program, having dismantled dozens of ERJ 145 and 135 variants, and invested millions in repair dollars to keep a large inventory of serviceable material in-stock, in fact the single largest stock of serviceable inventory apart from the OEM themselves, and we make it available on a 24/7/365 basis. Avionics, electrical and air management components, flight surfaces, interior components, wheels and brakes…every item, from the tip of the radome through the tail of aircraft, AeroVision is ready to support. We have recently purchased an E-Jet 190, ATR 42 and 10 EMB 120’s that are currently being dismantled and are ready to part out and support. With this expansion, AeroVision has your regional jet needs covered.

Purchasing Options:

  • Outright Sale
  • Rotable/Exchange – Cost Plus Pricing or Flat Rate

Parts Support Programs:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Cost Per Hour

Additional Support Options:

  • Interior Components
  • APU’s – Lease/Exchange/Outright Sale
  • Landing Gear – Lease/Exchange/Outright Sale
  • Wheels & Brakes – Exchange/Outright
  • Repair Management
  • Replace vs. Repair Solutions
  • Consignment Options – Cost effective and customized
Aircraft Parts & Support
Teardowns to Date

Whether our customers are flying 200 hours per month or per year, we know the material needs. However, because of our significant investments, AeroVision can be the parts storeroom for these smaller operators. We hold the inventory spares so they don’t have to.

24/7/365 AOG Support Services

One of the services AeroVision customers’ value most is the 24/7/365 AOG customer support – the availability of inventory to back fill their stock levels and our “replace vs. repair” solutions which give them the ability to avoid high-cost component repairs. AeroVision has built a reputation across the industry for providing fast and dependable full-service AOG response. We are committed to offering the quickest, most cost effective and most comprehensive AOG solutions to our customers. We provide real-time services as well as allowing the customer to speak to an actual person – not a recording.

We support ERJ 145, E-Jet 190, ATR 42, EMB 120 and their variants.

To learn more about our 24/7/365 AOG Services, contact: 231-799-9000 or click here.

ATR 42

Inventory Redistribution

As the largest independent ERJ parts supplier, AeroVision is perfectly suited to assisting operators or MRO’s with inventory to move. Excess or slow moving inventory can be monetized by our redistribution program – a simple and cost effective way to solve your inventory problems

AeroVision can develop a customized program to sell your airframe inventory – small or large – that meets your objectives and frees up the investment you have made. This includes logistics, technical review, repair administration, quality assurance and control, marketing, sales and finance. AeroVision can produce an industry acceptable documentation and certification package for your consignment material that will allow the material to be marketable throughout the world. Contact us for an initial assessment of your inventory opportunity today!

  • Repair Vendor Management
  • Segregated Warehouse Storage
  • Complete Visibility of Consignment Material / Sales
  • Leverage AeroVision’s Worldwide Customer Base
  • Immediate purchase of certain parts
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