AeroVision International Purchases Initial ATR-42 Aircraft


AeroVision International (Muskegon, Michigan) announces the purchase of an ATR42-300 aircraft, the first acquisition of this type for the company.  The 50 seat aircraft was recently removed from active revenue passenger service and ferried from Europe to the USA.

The aircraft, currently scheduled for disassembly to parts, represents the entry of AeroVision into parts support for ATR aircraft.  The engines, landing gear, propellers and all of the major components and subassemblies will be made available prior to the end of the year, once the reduce-to-parts process is initiated in October.  Because the aircraft was EASA and EU Ops-1 compliant, European operators may be interested in the avionics to be offered.

“We are excited to launch our support of the ATR product line” said Pete Gibson, AeroVision’s Vice President of Aircraft Services. “We will leverage our expertise on the Embraer ERJ series regional aircraft to build a “best in class” parts support offering to ATR aircraft operators around the world.”

“AeroVision has built a platform that will allow us to duplicate our ERJ parts support success,” said Jeff Barnes, AeroVision’s President, “and our willingness to make investments in the repair of parts makes our inventory very desirable to the marketplace, when compared to other suppliers.  This is the another step in AeroVision’s efforts to build a complete regional aircraft support business.”

About AeroVision International LLC:  Founded in 2003, AeroVision International has become a trusted business partner to business and regional aircraft MR&O shops worldwide.  AeroVision supplies business and regional commuter engines and engine parts (PT6 / PW100 / JT15D / PW300 / PW500 / TFE-731 / AE3007) in support of operators and MRO facilities around the world.  With a primary focus on Embraer ERJ type aircraft, AeroVision offers sales & leasing of aircraft, engines, auxiliary power units, avionics and landing gear as well as outright or exchange sales of all major internal and external spare parts.  Information on AeroVision’s support for the ERJ aircraft can be found at Airframe Parts.


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